Fixed price jobs

Hello all, I am one of those freelancers who like to work with fix prices, though they are not guaranteed by Odesk. I accept this risk but I would find useful for fixed price jobs to have a budget between and between, for example, $5-$25, $25-$50, etc. There are many situations when the project itself can be charged $5 only for the execution, but still freelancers need to make modifications, talk with the client, prepare the files for the client, etc and a project of $5 will reach to $15. I know that you can establish this aspect with the client in the interview session, but I think this will help more freelancers who simply cannot work for such a low budget as $5. What do you think about this?

I would like to suggest oDesk that in fixed price jobs please make the funded milestone in escrow so that there is total security for the contractors. 




Yeah, I have no problem with how fixed price jobs function right now. I just make sure I do not do fixed rate contracts that are overly big with first time clients. I am actually testing them as a client, and if I do not like them, I will fire them by not doing another job for them. Do you know what I would if I did a fixed rate project and the client did not pay? I would do absolutely nothing about it. I don't have time to mess around with a client like that. This works for me because I always break any big fixed rate project down into small chunks, at least initially, until a client earns my trust.

Ignore the posted budget and post what you think it is worth to you.


It can and does pay off at times.


Just make sure you can justify the price in your profile/portfolio.