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Fixed price when client hiring more than one freelancer

Sorry if this question has been asked already, but what does the fixed price mean when a client is interested in hiring more than one freelancer. For example, I came across a job with a fixed price of $1,000, but the client wants to hire 9 freelancers. Should I assume that the fixed price is $1,000 per freelancer, or that it I would be paid $111 (1000 divided by 9)?

Many thanks.


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It doesn't really matter.

The job posting and your proposal are just the start of a conversation.

The amount you saw may be just a placeholder.

It might mean total budget, divided among a few freelancers.

It might mean payment per individual freelancer.

It might mean nothing at all.

Thanks, Preston. I kind of figured that, but it does make it difficult to come up with milestones or a scope of work when one doesn't know whether they would need me to do a bunch of work, or just a little.

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