Fixed rate jobs don't accrue hours on Upwork

Why do fixed rate jobs not accrue hours on Upwork? I have been very active on Upwork since January of 2015, but the vast majority of my jobs are fixed rate. As a consequence, I have 77 hours accrued per the stats available to clients, when the truth is that I have many times this number. I keep getting flagged as having too few hours when I apply for jobs for which the clients wants 100 or more hours. I feel this is unfairly poor representation of hard work. What is the reasoning behind the decision to leave things this way? 


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YOU are a very honest person. So you do not understand all the reasons why this can never work. There are scoundrels who would abuse this.


Client: Can you write a 200-word blog post for me?


Freelancer: Yes. We can do that using a fixed-price contract for $20.00.


Client: Thank you.




Freelancer: Here is the work. It took 30 hours to write.


Client: That's okay. It looks great. Here is your $20.00.

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Hi Lana,


I see Preston shared one of the reasons why hours logged on Fixed-Price contracts don't count towards users' total hours. Note that you can still bid and win jobs that include the number of hours preference and can consider completing a few Hourly jobs if you'd like to increase the number of hours on your profile. Having said that, we do have experienced freelancers posting in the Community who are mostly focused on completing Fixed-Price contracts, without seeing any adverse affect on their hiring percentage.



As an experience writer, you know that most writing jobs are on a per piece basis and not an hourly basis.  If a client has a job that is hourly, I usualy explain in my proposal that I work on a per peice basis and then ask enough questions about the job to get an idea of what to charge for a fixed price.  If you check my profile, I don't have many hours either, but I do tend to get hired for about as much work as I want from this platform.  Granted, I am not an academic writer, but I am venturing a guess that it works the same way.


Good Luck!