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Flagging Job Postings/add narrative

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Susan R Member Since: Oct 25, 2009
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This is the first time I have flagged a job post. The categories offered did not "quite" cover the part I feel is inappropriate. Would be helpful to have an "other" button and option to write a brief explanation, not just check a box (which might be wrong category of flag). Here is what I flagged. DEMANDING all freelancers who want to even go to next stage of interview download an app, rate it 5 stars and comment saying "amazing game." Game is right -- gaming the system! I don't know if this is against the iTunes Terms of Use. I know on Amazon a seller is only allowed to request "unbiased" reviews in exchange for demo product. I've submitted sample writing to "win" a contract. It's always good to know what you'll be promoting. Getting familiar with the app only makes sense. But this seems very unethical to me. The client is loading up his app page with valuable 5-star ratings -- for FREE!! This client is holding the job interview hostage!!! What client wrote: "Hi Please go and download the app to know what your going to promote. I want you to look at it and also rate the app 5 stars and comment saying amazing game. Then write me back and let me know that you did that. Then well go from there. Copy and paste the link to the url and go there. Or type in "Candy Mountain Racing" is App Store"