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Flaw in the review system

New Forum Member
The review system is flawed as soon as one party is doing a bad job. I hired someone two weeks ago and she wasn't doing a proper job. So I had to fire her. I also told her I was going to fire her, because the work wasn't good. So I wanted to end the contract and you have to leave feedback. And she has to leave feedback as well. It is very likely she will leave a bad review for me, while it was her who was doing a lousy job.
Community Guru
But she may refund your money once she sees her bad review. I would not let it bother me as a client. One bad review is nothing to worry about. I once hired someone from an agency (never again) who did a decent job when I could actually speak to her and not her agent. I gave her a 5 star. She gave me a 1 star and the reason I think is that her agent did the rating, probably got me confused with someone else or else just had no idea what was going on between me and the actual contractor. Moral of story, do not hire agencies and one bad review will not hurt you. I have no problem finding decent contractor because all my other ratings are 5 star.