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Following up with previous clients

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Elizabeth R Member Since: Sep 2, 2017
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Hi there,


I'm wondering whether or not it's kosher to follow up with previous Upwork clients that we've had good encounters with to find out if they need additional work? I've done it with open contracts and had success (in other words - I'd completed a milestone, the client hadn't closed the contract, and so I reached out to find out if additional work was needed. Twice, I received new jobs). But I'm wondering if it's ok practice to follow up with clients for whom we've completed jobs with (happy clients, of course)? Outside of Upwork, I always follow up with people I've worked with in the past and many of these clients end up being my bread and butter regulars, but I really don't know what best practice is on this platform.


If anyone has any insight, please let me know!


Thanks so much,



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Vivek K Member Since: May 28, 2016
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I do not feel the need for freelancer to contact me for futher work. I know how to look for them, if I need to. If the client has asked you to contact back on certain date or after a certain period of time or on happening of certain event , then it is denitiely the correct thing to send a message  reminding them . But otherwise there is absolutely no need to remind the clients that you are available for work. They know that you are here to work and if you are available you will be happy to  discuss their projects. It is actually not very difficult to leave a line of message from their end.

If your work was stellar and client was happy, most of the times they would be the ones looking for you and would invite you to the jobs they post. I always send invite to my favourite freelancers.

They do not need to remind me. 


But ofcourse there may be some clients that like to be contacted periodically. What I wrote may not apply to all and every client.