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For Garnor Re Clients Being Shown Freelancers to Invite

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John T Member Since: Mar 19, 2015
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This is always the problem with automated systems.


Over the slender border, in ElanceLand, I took a test for "Audio Production". It wasn't a test for audio production, it was a test specifically about using ProTools. I scored howlingly low on it, because I, like many recording professionals all over the world, do not use ProTools.


Now, there's nothing wrong with having a ProTools test, and there's nothing wrong with a client seeking a ProTools expert, if that's what they need for their job.

But if a client is seeking an audio production specialist, and the demented robot go-between has taken that to mean "someone who can pass a test about where the menu items are in ProTools", that's doing nobody any good. Not me, not the client, and not even Elance / oDesk.


I've banged on this drum on other threads already, but oDesk would fulfil its function better if it focussed more on presenting useful information to all parties, and less on trying to make decisions for them.