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For last two month i am not getting any job. Its so frustrating :(


I am Farzana and was enjoying my work as a freelancer here. At first stage i was so so so much successful to find the perfect jobs and get hired, but for last 2-3 months i am not getting any new job which is making me so upset and as well as tensed. I am upgrading my protfolio, have changed the overviews, trying to find out and make changes in my profile, so that i atleast called for interview.

Please help me out from this problem.




Two months? That's a long time.

Did you check to see if you account is under review.


Maybe your account is under review.


If you account is under review, it means that you can send job applications to prospective clients, but the applications are blocked before they ever get to the client, so the client never receives them. Also, your name is blocked from being seen during clients' searches.


Please keep in mind that contractors are usually not informed when their account is placed under review. The only way to know for sure is to ask customer service.

As i said it is happening for two month but i am not getting job for more then 2 or 3 month. What does it mean under review? How long it will take to review a profile? I already contact with customer service, they have not said anything like that. Would you kindly please check my profile and suggest me to get out of this problem.



If you don't know what it means to have your account under review, how do you know you account is not under review?


Just because customer support didn't tell you that your account is under review, doesn't mean that it isn't under review. You must ask them specifically: "Is my account under review."


Did you do that?


Also, when you send in a job application, does your name appear on the list of applicants for the job on the job posting page?


If your name does NOT appear on the job applicant list, then your account is probably under review.


Your overview text on your profile page links to an outside portfolio website. The link dosn't even appear to be working. That link alone could be the reason your account is under review.


You asked: "How long it will take to review a profile?"

It could take forever if you don't follow customer support instructions. There is no set period of time. You need to follow their instructions and fnish the formal review process.


IF your account is under review. Which we don't know for sure that it is. But you need to check.

Hi Farzana,


Preston is correct and your account is in fact under review. There was a notification send to you about  it back in August. Please, refer to this article with more information about the process and follow instructions in it in order to resolve the issue.


~ Valeria