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For the attention of customer support - Urgent assistance required!

I cancelled my Upwork Plus subscription several days before it was set to renew. 


Howevever, as I never got any email acknowledgement of the cancellation, I was concerned. 


I checked my account a couple of days later, to find I was still on Upwork Plus and not on the Upwork basic model, I should have been on! I couldn't change my account anymore, as an error message appeared, declaring no changes could be made, as I was entering a new billing cycle. 


So, I created a ticket, through Upwork support, asking for assistance and a refund in the event the payment had been taken in error. However, again, I received no email confirmation of my ticket being opened. I then checked my open disputes, to find, yet again, that there was nothing on the system to indicate I'd opened a support ticket. So, I went through the process of doing so again. Same outcome! 


Today, I see I've been charged for Upwork Plus. This is now creating problems for me with my bank and I'm accruing interest with each passing day. Please can someone from support assist me in placing my account in the basic model and refunding me the Upwork Plus fees for this month, as I've done everything possible to cancel this subscription, to avoid charges this month. 


I'm more than happy to sign up once more with Upwork Plus at a later date, but right now I cannot afford to. I cancelled for this month, so I could afford to eat. Now, not only do I have no money for food, I'm incurring increasing debts, as a result of this. I need this to be resolved ASAP! As in TODAY! Please. 


Respectfully, I would request that no one other than Support weigh in on my situation. I dislike using the forums, but unfortunately this is seemingly my only option to legitimately get a ticket opened and this resolved. 


Thank you in advance. 

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Lewis,


I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. I would like to confirm that your ticket was created and forwarded to our team. One of our team members will update your ticket as soon as possible and will assist you further with your membership plan. Thank you.


~ Goran

Thank you. I appreciate your quick response. 

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