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Fostering productive collaboration between Clients and Freelancers.

In the freelance arena, one often encounter enticing projects accompanied by well-crafted descriptions. A quick scan on the project page reveals a surge of 20 to 50 proposals within minutes - an enthusiastic response from freelancers eager to secure the contract. However, a crucial aspect of ethical collaboration lies in clients actively engaging with these submissions.


It becomes disheartening when, hours after posting, the client is yet to review any proposal. This not only raises concerns about their commitment but also detracts from the value of the overall system. As freelancers strive to deliver quality services, a reciprocal commitment from clients to timely proposal acknowledgment or a transparent timeline for review would significantly enhance our collaborative endeavors.


Although we also have some committed clients who take their time to review proposals, and some who are diligent enough to ascertain if the submission is coming from automated response or real freelancers, such level of diligence is highly commendable, given how it is not easy to read through 20 - 50 proposals for just one job.


So please let's make the Upwork community a better place for everyone.

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