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Foud more than 20 scammers in les than 5 min

Is there a possible way how we, as a community, can stop scammers?

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No. But don't waste your connects on fishy-looking job offers. They'll PM you and then suggest moving to other messengers. (And I don't want any blue pills, thank you very much!!! And I'm not telling you my location either.)

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Not applying to their jobs, declining their invitations, not getting scammed. 

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It took you 5 minutes to find 20 scammers. How many did you miss?

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At this rate Upwork should be renamed to Scamwork. How many people are complaining on deaf ears.

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But yet they continue.

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People stop giving them money, they go away. Simple as that.

Yes, I can see all scammers across the world saying, "Oh no! The freelancers on Upwork are onto us! We better stop posting there because it's pointless!" It also might help if Upwork would stop allowing bonuses to be used as the initial payment method.

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