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Fraud Accounts

Hey everyone, 

Recently I saw a facebook page called "Upwork Accounts & Reviews". 
There seems to be some people who make any type of accounts. 
Check out the attachments below, or go see for yourself what are they doing. 
I have reported this to the Upwork Facebook Page, but it seems like nothing happened afterwards. 

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Old topic.

Rummage the forum and you'll see several more mentions of this same problem.


The fact is, a large number of peeps use Upwork and among them are the good, the bad and the ugly.

Upwork can only do so much on their own to fish and take down fake accounts, so they depend on folks like you to flag suspicious accounts when you stumble upon them.


If there's substance to your flag, usually the team would investigate and within a few weeks the (re)verification process for that account will be triggered.


Try this and prove me wrong.


Cheers 😉


Hi Blend,


Can you please send me a PM with more information? You can click on my name to send a PM. Thank you.

~ Joanne
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