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Do Upwork verify employer details? What if a fraud emplyer contact me? In my case, 2 employers contacted me and they do not even have any Job ID. How can we trust an employer in Upwork?


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Do no work until you receive and accept an offer and payment method is verified. Here's a screenshot of what an offer looks like:

(don't pay attention to the error message at the top.)

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Hi Soumita,


You can also check on the job posting off to the right - if the payment method is not verified, that is a bit of a red flag.  0% hire rate is also a bit of a red flag, all though they could be new.  


Also, if the details of the job posting aren't specific - that's another red flag.


And the big one  - the client will ask for some sort of free "audition" or "test"  - auditions and test work is usually paid for by legitimate clients.  Any time a Real client has wanted to try me out, he has paid me for such "test work."  

Andy, that's a pretty good list you provided. I'll just mention one more red flag: avoid any client who seems to "interview" every applicant -- chances are the client is looking for free work. 

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

1. Check out a client stats and if you see that they have something like 50+ jobs with no hires and no payments do not accept any invities from them and do not apply for their jobs

2. Do not accept a job unless you're officially hired on this site.

3.  Do not start a job unless your scope of work/terms etc is accepted by the client

4. Do NOT start any work (no matter what the client may tell you or promise you, until and unless escrow is funded AND verified either for the entire job or for each milestone as they come up.

5. Do not accept payment (PayPal or checks) outside of the Upwork site. All financial transactions MUST take place on this site


If you follow JUST those 5 simple common sence lines, you should be ok.



One more - never provide bank account, address, social security no. or other identification to any client.  Upwork has already verified who you are.  


This is a convo I had with a prospective employer and with my past experience, plus working in the legal field, it didn't sound right.  Has anyone had a similar incident?


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This communication trace with the client scammer will be removed because it is not allowed on Upwork, but I am happy that I had a chance to read it.


Many are scammed by those people here, this is the first time we can actually read an entire conversation between the scammer and the victim.


The fact that you kept exchanging with the scammer and that you ran only at the end is worrying. It means that people, when asked to send $400 to a client before ever being hired don't immediately see it's a scam.


I totally condemn scammers, but I also totally understand why they are doing this. It must be extremely lucrative. Because people are falling for it.



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Thank you so much. I kind of had a feeling the minute he said I would have to send the $400. Trust me, I have been fooled ages ago but that struck me as odd the minute i saw it so I just wanted to confirm. There will be people who will get fooled and send it and that is sad.


Do i delete the message or you will?


Thank you very much for your prompt response.

Nana, none of the folks who responded to your post are mods, so you should remove the screenshot and identifying details in your post. If a mod sees it they'll do it, but it's easy enough to edit your post. 


And yes, people get fooled all the time. It's sad... and preventable. Which makes it even sadder. 


ETA: to flag the job posting you go to the posting and choose "Flag as Inappropriate" in the top right corner. There will be a drop down menu to choose the reason. 

Nana, that's a scam. You're going to need to delete the screenshot and identifying details from your post because they're not allowed in the Community. A mod will usually do it for you if you don't do it yourself. 


Back to your situation - legitimate jobs never ask for money or want to pay you outside Upwork. You were right to stop communicating with this person. You should report that job posting as fraud. Many people have had similar experiences. Scammers target new freelancers and those with little experience on the platform. You'd do well to read the Terms of Service so you know all the rules of the site. That way you'll be able to protect yourself from scams. 

Thank you very much.  I am new to this but still have an instinct for these fraudulent people. I will go and read the terms of service and get more educated on the fraudulent types of stuff. I didn't know that wasn't allowed on the site so I will remove the post.


How do I report the job posting? Do I find it and then flag it?

I took out the employer's name. Is that what you meant?  I left mine ofcourse.

Hi Nana,


I checked and it looks like the team has already removed the jobs and accounts of the client you are referring to because they were violating Upwork ToS. You'll notice that the interview has been archived. Please, check out this post by Lena for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs.

~ Valeria

This is a scam.  There is never any reason to send money to anyone to begin work on the platform.  


I love how scammers get "attitude" when you call them on their BS.

@Christy A wrote:

This is a scam.  There is never any reason to send money to anyone to begin work on the platform.  


I love how scammers get "attitude" when you call them on their BS.

"You're making my chances of stealing your money so much harder. Screw you!"