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Fraud Posts at Upwork!

Have you ever become a “victim” or fall in fishing case here in Upwork? If you haven’t, then, take care, they are watching, hunting and will try more and more

Through my working here for about 14 years, I faced many fraud attempts to fish me, they have many ways, methods and techniques.

I am writing about this issue just to transfer my experience to my colleagues and freelancers so that they can improve their knowledge and deal with such cases with wisdom.

The scammers always tries new ways to pull your leg into their nest. Here are some of marks which indicate that they might be scammer:

  • When a client ask you to contact him outside Upwork, via an e-mail, telegram, and so on, you have to put a question mark, and ask yourself, “why he is doing this?”
  • If he offered you a high price for simple work or easy task, it is  a mark of scam! Why he would pay such a rate to translate 250 words without negotiating your rates? And out of Upwork.
  • If he insist that you complete a large and heavy project in a sharp deadline (2-3 days), and, in actual, it needs weeks to be finished in professional way, and he refused to negotiate the deadline, this is a mark of fishing, too.
  • If he didn’t address the quality of your output and never  asked a time to review your files, then he is a potential scammer.
  • If he asked you to send your payment details, especially credit cards numbers and codes, then he is fooling you. And, please never do this.
  • If he offered you a big amount of money for your easy work, and asked you to pay some money to release the payment because it was in hold or pending until you pay, do not pay any penny, you will be hunted and will not get anything. This is a fraud. Even he made your share lesser, he will be the winner and you are the loser.

Finally, an advice from my side, never ever work outside Upwrok, and when you apply for a job, remember to check: how many jobs the client has posted and how many hires he has, his payment method is verified or not (If not, save your connects to another job), his reviews according to his posted jobs (read freelancer’s comments and recommendations), and so on.

Be Safe

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Hello best people, 


I have a question here an not sure should I proceed or no, I have a client wanting to test something in his platform " https://maxiptvs.com/", he wants me to do a subscription on this platform and test it using Binance as a payment method "USDT" , and for instance if I subscribed with 1$ I will get paid back 10$ "EXAMPLE", however, he created a contract and offered me an offer in Upwork and he is saying that the payment would be also through upwork and I need to use the time tracker while I am testing this which's paying money before getting paid. 

I am not quite sure if should I proceed or no, but we have a contract on Upwork with the payment I should receive after testing what he needs, he didn't go over a phone call with me or an interview he is just explaining the procces over Upwork chat? 

any professional advice please? 

Up up ip 

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Hi Moe,

I have been fraud with more than $3000, and no one is helping me out. Your work will be done and the contract will be suspended and then even if you will contact upwork they will keep replying you diplomatically.

I have been suffering a lot of harassment. Donot work on this. 

Hope my name in frnt of this client will not be disclosed. 

Why did you change your hourly rates to amounts that make no sense?

That included the cost of testing the live products on the website.

Well, your employment history in the last month is, to say the least, pretty amazing.
Exorbitant hourly prices and returning money to the client?
Sounds like a scam to me, from both sides.

You cannot and should not send any payment to the client, in any form.

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It's against Upwork's Terms of Service to go outside of Upwork for payment. It against TOS to communicate outside of the system until you have a client. Follow those 2 rules and you will avoid most potential issues. I have never been scammed after 350 Jobs and five years on the site. Also in my opinion using common sense stops potenial issues.

Newbies never using common sense. All posts here started from "I have communicated via Telegram... " and finished with "was scammed". 🙂

I think it's okay to have an arrangement outside of upwork provided the conversion fee has been paid.

If a client that you've never worked with before tells you that they paid the conversion fee, they're lying and trying to scam you. 

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I'm very new to Upwork and received a response to a proposal but the woman changed the description of the job slightly but enough to the point that I had to review the description originally posted. Then I received a text from someone, stating to be that woman's boss and that I could be contacting him directly. I didn't respond to either and blocked the number, going with my gut feeling that something isn't right. Payment was verified but this was the first posting for the person. Erring on the side of caution with this one. 

How did they acquire your phone number? Your other socials?

No idea. I keep my stuff private. 

When someone wants you outside of Upwork, it is a scam. It is against the Terms of Service to communicate or work with a client before the contract is in place. Not only will you be scammed, you can permanently lose your Upwork account.


You need to start at the beginning, learn all the rules for Upwork, and how to keep yourself safe on the platform. You are responsible for what happens on the platform, and no one will or can help you if you break the rules.

Sorry for asking, I am still new in Upwork. How to differentiate between a scam work posting & a legit posting work on this website? & what are the criteria that always clients use to choose their candidates?


Sorry for asking, I am still new in Upwork. How to differentiate between a scam work posting & a legit posting work on this website? & what are the criteria that always clients use to choose their candidates?”


Please read this post and follow every link. Because you are new, you are a target for scammers. It’s critical you understand how to set up a contract and keep yourself safe. Pay special attention to the advice from Wes on the red flags for scams.

Every client will have different criteria, but most are looking for a mix of quality and price. Stay away from the ones offering substandard pay for the job. Just because you are new, don’t jump on the first job without looking. If you have the skills, charge what you are worth. Yes, you may have to offer a slight discount, but do not set yourself up for future failure. It’s difficult to get started, but lowering your value won’t make the difference between getting jobs and not getting jobs. Additionally, the cheap clients, in my experience, are negative experiences.



I suggest that you read the post carefully, and you may go to https://community.upwork.com/t5/Community-Blog/Top-Red-Flags-for-Scams-From-Community-Member-Wes-C/b... 

Best Luck

This is very useful and helpful, thank you for sharing these tips with me.
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If you have a bad gut feeling, stay away. Sometimes, because of desperation, I catched abusive jobs, or scam ones, considering it better to have no job. But once in, you are entrapped by the risk of getting bad feedback if you throw away the job as you can wist ho. Better not to accept and to wait for a better job.

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Hello, I want to ask you about this. 

I have recently accepted a project from a client. The only available resource I can communicate with is the hiring staff. Here is the message she sent me: 'The project will be sent to you after you make a one-time refundable deposit of $50 and sign the contract with our company. Payment will be made to your bank or online wallet account upon completion of the project.' She also mentioned that the payment is for assurance policy, project ownership, among other things, and cannot be waived or deducted from my payment. This situation seems suspicious to me, especially since I am new to remote typing jobs on Upwork. Could you please give me some advice regarding this? Thank you.


It is a scam. Stop communicating with them and report to Upwork.


You need to learn how the platform works. The client is a scammer, who will take your time, money, and effort and leave you worse off than before the job.


Before you even look at a job, read this post, and pay special attention to the Terms of Service and the Red Flags on scams from Wes. You are at high risk for being scammed because you haven't learned the rules. What you are doing with the scammer client is against the Terms of Service and can permanently cost you your Upwork account.


Typing jobs are often scams. Ask yourself, in the day of computers, why wouldn't you simply copy and paste, then format? The biggest mistake is the one you made, doing anything outside of Upwork before an Upwork contract is in place. No matter where the job comes from, never spend money to get money. The scams pre-date the Internet but want a deposit, or insurance, or software....it's a long list, but it's all scams.

Thank you

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