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Fraud bij **Edited**

Hello there,


I was stupid to message someone outside of upwork and send them my name, email address, my age and the country I'm in. After doing some research I found this to be a scam. What can I do best?

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Nothing. Report this one and never repeat your fault.

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The same thing with me, but I cannot give my details. I blocked it in my telegram. why upwork allowed the client to post the links outside the upwork?

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Alex P wrote:

What can I do best?

Learn how to use Upwork before applying for jobs.

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I wish I saw this before today.  Im usually really suspicious about scammers and I thought I did my due diligence with this one.  I didn't know what Telegram was and thought that it was part of Upwork's platform.  Received a message like this from  INGENTA TLC.  What do scammers do with this information?

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