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Fraud case

Hi ,


My friend recently joined upwork and this was her first offer. She was sent a cheque and the cheque bounced. Now she is asking for help fromt he company and they say that she will have to finance the legal process for this. 


Is the company fraud? Need help with this. Need to register a complaint againt them.


Your friend violated Upwork's terms of service by accepting to work off site. If she had read a bit more about working on Upwork she could probably have avoided this scam which is one of the oldest going, and there is nothing your friend can do about it. These people operate all over the world, and simply use company names of perfectly respectable companies that they find on the Internet.


ETA: However, for what it is worth, she can report to Upwork's customer services, and the job will be delisted, if it has not been already.


so how much money she get scammed out of? The part of the story missing is where she sends money to the scammer before the check bounces.

It is not acceptable for you to ask for help or ask questions on behalf of your friend. She needs to ask these questions herself.

But to answer the question that was posed:


The people who sent the check are scammers. The job is "fraudulent."


But the company name that was used is the name of an innocent company. The scammers copied an innocent company's name from the Internet, and fed that name to the naive freeelancer. The scammers are not actually associated with that company.

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Community Manager

Hi Purti,


Please, have your friend report the job post to customer support or send me a private message with the link. Your friend shouldn't pay any money to send a proposal to a job, work with a client or report a violation. Please, check the following resources and share them with with your friend or anybody you know who has an account on Upwork.


Tips to Avoid Questionable Jobs

Job Warning Signs

Trust & Safety FAQ

Avoiding the pitfalls of circumvention

~ Valeria

Here is my little bleat in the dark again - could Lena's tips PLEASE be put in the greyed-out area of "New to Upwork".



A link to Lena's thread is included in the Vladimir's post along with other valuable materials, resources and links we want new freelancers to check. That post is pinned at the top of the board and we would like not to clutter that area with multiple threads.

~ Valeria

Lena's post could hardly be described as "clutter" - it is essential.


ETA: Oh now I see. Please Valeria, Vlad, CEO, Garnor what could be more utterly boring and totally uneyecatching  to anyone, especially eager newbies as "Getting started on Upwork" - who cares? You need to hook them. You need to make them read.


Could you change this to something like:


"Before you start - don't get suspended, don't get scammed - check this thread"


Seriously guys your marketing/copy writing sucks!

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