Fraud/ scam trying to prevent

Hey Folks, I'm new and I've received 2 fraud invitations, this is unbelievable, but I find terrible that I'd flagged all them and they are still recruiting people to their fraud.
I would like to ask Upwork team if is possible to improove the system to report that awful ppl that abuse the system. I think if someone receive a false invitation should flag as inaproiate and then Upwork's team should receive the proof and eliminate the profile.


Please let me know if there is someway to help

Community Manager
Community Manager



Thanks for flagging the postings you believe are inappropriate. The team will review them and take appropriate actions. If you have any additional information you'd like to share you can submit a ticket to customer support.

~ Valeria

It happened again this week. I got a fraudy job offer and didn't propose too either! And I also think they are sucking up connects too! I am so SICK and TIRED of these scam artists that my thought are "If only I could just find them. and arrest them" Again a scam artist using the name, as always, **Edited for Community Guidelines** or someone else and they won't stop. Stuff like this should be on evey news media outlet, because flagging them is doing nothing. My friend Reese says it better, but I will put in my version. 


"Those scammers are out there. They can't be reasoned with, they can't be bargained with. They don't feel pity of remorse or fear, and they absolutely will not stop, EVER, until you are broke or worse!"



I'm sorry about the experiences you have had with scammers.


Unfortunately, unless Upwork institutes mandatory scammer awareness training for newbie freelancers, there is no way for Upwork to stop these scammer "clients" from coming here and trying to trick freelancers and steal our money.


If you encounter scammers and report them, it can help a little.


The good news is this:


I personally never get invites by scammers. The same is true for other experienced freelancers. The scammers are just here to get money. They know they can't get money from experienced freelancers from myself. So they leave us alone. When you gain more experience, they'll leave you alone, too.


My wife is also a Upworker. She has a very good reputation, more that 30 reviews and she still receive this kind of offers. As a way to help I would like to propose that Upwork doesn't allow any employeer to post a job without a verifyed payment method, cause scammers usually doesn't accomplish this requirement,and may be ask a deposit to new members that could be refunded after two or three successful contracts. Just ideas

Hi Santiago, 


Usually, some clients are already in the process of verifying their payment methods when they post a job. Unverified payment methods does not indicate that a job post is a scam, but we usually recommend freelancers to do not start working on any project until the client's payment method is verified. 

Thank you for your feedback and your suggestions, Santiago. We'll share this with the team.

~ Avery