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Fraudulent Up Work Company hiring

I have been contacted by a person named **Edited for Community Guidelines** who supposedly owns a company called **Edited for Community Guidelines**. during the interviewing process she had asked for my credit card information and sent me a contrtact that was clearly not done professionally. She sent me a contract with several blank lines in it and mispelled words, and asked me I sign it before the blank lines had been filled in; obviously leaving me open to endless liability. She asked During this job I make purchases on my personal credit card and that I would be paid back, which I was skeptical of to say the least. This website has no contact information, or location. This is clearly a scam, avoid any job offers from this person. 

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Please flag the job post.  


Be careful of scammers....


Hi Aj,


I'd like to check on this for you. Could you please share more information via PM? Thank you!

~ Joanne
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