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Fraudulent activity

I have been approached on freelancer.com about giving my Upwork account over to numerous russian profiles, saying they will pay for my account and the use of it. I can show you the emails if you wish.

This is a data breech problem your end surely, as I do not know how they know I have an Upwork account. 

I would appreciate a quick response to this.

Thank you

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James, there is no data breach on Upwork's end.


They just assumed you have an Upwork account.


Those scammers you met on the other site?

There really is not much Upwork can do about them, since you don't have their Upwork account information, and Upwork can't do anything about other websites.


If you want to avoid running into these scammers, then don't go on that site.

Okay Preston.

The messages were on freelancer.com at first then went off-platform to gmail.

Will that be the end of it. I've had 10 messages from 10 different profiles claiming they pay me for using my Upwork profile. 250 dollars a month. 

Cheers man

Hi James, 


I'm sorry to know that this experience has inconvenienced you. As this happened in another platform, we are unable to take action against their account. Hopefully, you have the option of blocking these users from sending you messages. 

In the meantime, you can send me a private message with the links to the accounts so that I can look into this further.

~ Avery
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