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Free Connects ? A man can dream ...

What's up guys and gals,


I'm doing my monthly finances and I'm noticing a rather odd occurence. I use a credit card to buy connects, and although I've used it several times, none of the transactions apear on my bank statement. The first time I bought connects with this particular credit card was way back on May 17th, so it seems odd the charges still haven't appeared.


Although I'm delighted it *appears* I'm getting free connects I know that's not the case. Maybe someone can shed some light on this. 


Thanks homies. 





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kyle,


The Connects you purchased were charged from your account balance, not your billing method. Please note that if you have sufficient funds, we will withdrawal from your account balance. If not, the full amount will be charged to your primary billing method. You can check out this help article for more information. 


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Hi Aleksandar, 
Thanks for answering my question ! 
I want it to charge my credit card because I get money back on each purchase I make on my card.
Can I make it so that it charges my credit card ? I don't want it to draw from my account balance.
Thanks ! 

Thats what Aleksandar was saying. As long as you have balance on UW, that will be used first. So if you dont want that to happen just withdraw your balance every time you make more than $100 and then on an empty balance buy more connects and that will now charge your card instead.

Hi Nemanja ! 


Thanks for your input. 


I understood what he was saying ... I just wanted to know if there was a way around having to withdraw your funds every time you wanted to buy more connects so that it would charge your card, but it sounds like there isn't a way. 


On a side note though ... are you only able to withdraw funds when the account is greater than $100 ?

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Kyle M wrote:


On a side note though ... are you only able to withdraw funds when the account is greater than $100 ?

No. You can manually withdraw any available amount at any time, Just go to Reports > Available and click on "Get Paid Now"

Community Member

Hi Petra ! 


Good to know ... Nemanja confused me when he said, "...withdraw your balance every time you make more than $100".


I thought maybe there was a minimum balance you could withdraw since he posed his solution that way. 


Thanks  ! 



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