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Free Work

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Dev S Member Since: Aug 7, 2017
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hi, I'm new to upwork and I applied to jobs but didn't got any reply back, I have a client outside of upwork, I told him, i'll work for him for free, but can I do that through upwork, I was thinking if I can get a review my career will start, I'm ready to work for free but upwork doesn't allow anyone to send proposal under $5 fixed price. I think if the clients payment is unverified, can he give me a review without paying me? Give me some suggestions I'm trying at upworks since 3 -5 months and nothing happened yet.

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Hiu Chun L Member Since: Jul 27, 2017
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I don't think you are allowed to do this, since:


1. Providing free work is not allowed on upwork.

2. I suppose this could be considered as feedback manipulation, which is against the terms of service.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Feedback for contracts where nothing was paid neither count nor show anyway.


Improve your profile, skills, and proposals.

Everyone started from 0 without any feedback. Doing free work is CERTAINLY not the way forward.

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Dev S Member Since: Aug 7, 2017
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Hi can you take a look at my profile, and give me some suggstions, I've a few portfolio items as well. and how much proposals should I send each day? , sorry for asking a lots of BS Qustions.

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Dev, only 1 of your 3 Portfoilo links works, so  fix the other 2 and maybe take a few tests like PHP, WordPress, CSS, etc, instead of trying to do something tricky like getting feedback without receiving payment, which is impossible anyway, but even if you could do it, the client will see you did a job for 0 dollars -- and the only clients who will hire you because of that are scammers who want you to work for free.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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Dev S Member Since: Aug 7, 2017
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Thanks John, I think I've to fix my portfolio first. I'm trying my best to send proposals although it takes a lot of time to read, understand and send proposal, I don't want to use proposal templates cause if I won't read job description and send proposals without knowing if I can do the job or not, It'll only hamper reputation.

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Jae Sung K Member Since: Jun 25, 2017
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don't ever do free work. instead you should figure out how to write some kick ass proposals that get clients hooked.  value your time and you'll be much happier that way.

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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Dev,


I'll reiterate that contracts on which no money was paid are not displayed on a freelancer profile and you should not accept an offer and start working for a client before they verify their payment method. I'd strongly advise you against working for free and direct you to review our freelancer resources.

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Zoha U Member Since: Feb 8, 2017
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Hello Dev,

Well, it's all about the perseverance. Instead of wasting your time on trying to get feedbacks by unlawful ways, I would suggest you read more about Upwork and how to succeed on Upwork. 


Try to improve your profile and most importantly, start from the scratch. 


Assess yourself. You are new here. Who would like to work with you? Obviously, a client who's either short on budget and can't afford big shots or is looking to get an Urgent job done, bid on those jobs. Use the probability. 


My first job was one where my client needed to get the work done Urgently, but he paid me $70. And my second job was only for $15. I have done many $5 here as well. 


It's all about the persistence. You don't need to lose the patience. You have 30 tries every month. 

First, make your profile dazzling, then work on your proposals and finally use your brains. 


I'm sure you will be able to do!!

Hopes for your success


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Dev S Member Since: Aug 7, 2017
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Thanks Zoha, I'll definitely follow these tips, I'll read the resources and work on my flaws.