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Free connect required to rising talent in upwork

Hello Guys,


As the part of upwork family, i would like to fight for free upwork connect & i need support from all freelancer, I understood free connects are making issue to high proposal to client but think from another aspect, Many client search for new freelancers, rising talent. every freelancer does not have money to buy connects. 

Why freelancer come to upword? because thay want them first earning, When start the upwork profile after very hard & get 20 free connect. As i know from many freelancer, To get jobs from upwork 20 connect not enough.


My concern is that, every basic member should get at least 20 connects per month free.


My request to upwork, This is really best of the & top of the world freelance platform but one more thing required, encourage new talent, they should log first job & slowly rise them.


My request to think upwork about free connect, not more 20 is not bad  per month, it's reduce to more porposal but also help freelancer rise in top freelance platform.


I hope upwork think about my request.


Thanks you...

Community Member

Hi Khuman, 


thank you.


Thanks Valerio S for your replied.


But if you think possitive, person who has money are buy the connect even they does not have talent.

But what about talent who actaully want to work for client but no money to buy connects.


Upwork has to think the middle way


I am pretty sure my apeal to upwork is really helpful for future of the upwork.


Thanks...Please do needful.



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