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Free demo/test/sample scams

Just a heads up to everyone to watch out for free demo or samples scams. I do quite a bit of translation, VO and localization work here on Upwork and have a large successful history. Every now and then a potential client will ask for a free sample or test. This is a scammy way of getting their job done for free. Do not accept and flag them. Cheers.

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Thanks Klaus,


I've seen a couple of these too. I reported them straight away.


These people are parasites.

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Hi Klaus,


Thank you for the insight. We know clients at times do not provide accurate information, for a variety of reasons. As a freelancer, we recommend carefully reading the entire job post and using experiences to determine whether there's enough information, or a freelancer trust that information, and it’s worth using Connects to submit a proposal. At times, there are jobs that do not seem like they violate the Upwork Terms of Service, until they have discussed the details of the job, or have hired the freelancer for the job already. In such cases we do rely on our users to flag posting or messages for violation.

Please also check out this post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs.

~ Riri
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