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Free rates for upgrading and developing

please , can i get yours supports on my profile : likes and comments to improve it 

Best Regards 

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Your profile is set to private. Set to public if you want it reviewed.

Hello Jeanne H,

It's my pleasure gaining knowledge and experience from you by the way i changed the profile from private to public waiting for response .

Ahmed, you have work to do. First, you need a photo that shows all of your face. Then, you need to rewrite your profile and build a portfolio. Your profile does not indicate you are native or bilingual in English. There are multiple mistakes in your brief introduction. Additionally, you talk about your skills, but not what you will do for the client.

"Design , Sales & Marketing , writing and translation"


Decide which skills you really have and focus on those. You have too many skills in the title.


You need to read this post and follow every link. Learn and follow the Terms of Service and the Red Flags from Wes. Currently, you are a target for scammers. Clients will see the discrepancies and not hire you for legitimate jobs. Honestly assess your skills. I don't see how you can be native or bilingual in English with your profile. Clients will see the same issues.

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