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FreeLancer Plus Accounts

HI Everyone at Upwork,

I have the freelancer plus account. I would like to offer some suggestions for improvement. 

Maybe its just me but when I see the bid range, then go to my proposal, Im so ingrossed in my cover letter that by the time Im ready to pop the price in I have forgotten the bid range and either have to go back to the job posting, to view it again. Some times I close these tabs as I may get 5, 10 or 15  job postings at the proposal stage ready for my cover letters  It saves me a lot of time if I do them in batchs when Im in a creative mood. Thats my formula anyway.....  I have anaylised my winning bids & 90% of the replys have come hours if not days later so i feel there usually is no rush to submit a proposal.


My actual question is "Could the bid range be in the proposal page as well, maybe near our pricing section?"


Maybe there are more suggestions that would enhance the Plus Account.... I notice on other sites it actually shows the Bid amount, Freelancers Name and Cover Letter. (Thats  going a bit too far )

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Great suggestion, I know I have done the same thing being so focused on what you are going to put in your proposal that you forget the bid range. Working with dual monitors I am able to have the job posting on one monitor while I prepare my proposal. This allows me to view not only the bid range but the requirements for the project. 

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