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Freelance Plus, invite client, Top Rated

Hi team,


I learned about your amazing platform and wish to join to expand my business. I read your documentation & offers. I'd like to join Freelance Plus & I hope to reach Rising Talent & then Top Rated badges accordingly. But I am still unclear on some points.


Currently, I am working with clients outside Upwork. I understand I can invite my clients to the platform at 0% fees –with Bring Your Client option for Freelance Plus members. Being able to work with my clients here would help immesenly in reaching my goals. But I wondering:

Will I be able to invite my clients as soon as I join Freelance Plus membership?

Will my earnings, hours billed & feedback reviews from these invited clients be counted into my profile stats?

Will they be taken into account to calculate JSS score, Rising Talent & Top Rated conditions?

Will other freelancers be able to poach my clients once in the platform? 



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