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Re: Freelancer Artist's Portfolio is all plagiarized content

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Laura C Member Since: Sep 8, 2017
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A freelancer I was about to hire has earned $30K here on Upwork. Her portfolio is all plagiarized content, and I'm concerned that the work she's trying to sell us is also plagiarized. I can prove the plagiarism by pointing to the original artists she's copying from.


This is very serious. She's making bank (30K!) conning everyone---which cheats the original artists and is very dangerous for companies who hire here, since WE can get slammed for using someone else's work without proper license. I want to make sure she gets shut down. How can I file a ticket and submit detailed information about the case?


I flagged her profile for "Bogus Content" but I don't believe that will do anything since they don't have any additional information to look at. 


Thanks in advance.

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Andreea B Member Since: Nov 1, 2014
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I think you can contact them via  If not, I believe someone from the staff will answer here soon and ask you for more details about the freelancer.

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Jess C Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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If you send a link to the person's profile in a private message to one of the moderators (Valeria, Avery, or Vladimir), they should be able to take this to the next level for you. You can get to their profiles by clicking from one of their posts - check the message list for recent replies that include the green Upwork logo next to the person's name.

Lena E Moderator Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Please share the link to their profile in a PM and we will have our Trust and Safety team look into it.