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Re: Freelancer Plagarized My Profile and Stole Portfolio Samples

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Christine A wrote:

Jennifer M wrote:

wow I would feel so much rage. OP, you have my sympathy although that's cheap and useless. If this dude has made money, there is a good chance Upwork won't do anything and it makes me rage.

Even if he hasn't made any money, it's unlikely that Upwork will take this seriously. Remember the guy with the portfolio full of stolen logos who posted in the forum on Monday, then brazenly lied when we called him on it, then deleted his lies to try to cover his tracks? I reported him - along with links to the stock websites where he'd gotten three of his logos - but four days later, he's still here and the stolen material is still in his portfolio. He's only done two low-paying jobs on Upwork, so I fail to see what possible reason Upwork could have for wanting him to remain on this website, lying to clients and giving them stolen designs? However, the comments where we confronted him about the stolen logos were all quickly deleted. So the message from Upwork is clear: stealing, lying and plagiarising are totally fine, but if you try to confront someone about their dishonesty, Upwork will censor YOU instead.


We keep hearing that Upwork has too many freelancers, and yet they refuse to ban the thousands of liars, scammers and fakes on their website. I don't know how they can hope to attract more serious, big-spending clients as long as this website is filled with such terrible freelancers. There's no way that anyone "accidentally" steals somebody else's work or copies their profile text, so this should result in an automatic ban. Instead, they just sweep it under the rug.


Also, this forum is filled with complaints from freelancers about how clients post jobs and then don't hire anyone, but if I were to post a project and saw a bunch of fake and incompetent freelancers blatantly lying about their skills, their location, their English-speaking abilities etc., then I would leave here and not hire anyone either. So instead of blaming the clients, you should blame the freelancers who are damaging the credibility of this website and undoutedly scaring clients away; they're the real problem.


Sorry I missed that one ... this is why everything they're doing re ID verification is a waste of everyone's time. Being identified does not identify whether or not you're a fraudulent liar; and when it's pointed out that you are, Upwork (usually) does nothing.

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Sergio S Member Since: Dec 19, 2017
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Now I am wondering if "the Aussie voice" case Rene and Petra mentioned some months ago got any resolution or was lost in limbo as most of the time happens when someone speaks up.


Upwork definitely must put some efforts here. Years ago before using this platform I was in the F site. It was a horrible experience from the beginning, everybody copying each other and using celebrities for profile pics, etc. I ran away totally discouraged. Now it seems that site has changed for the best and the scammers are coming here where control has become lax. And as Christine said, this could be the reason why clients are posting and not even getting back to their own posts. Why to come back if the proposals are mostly from scammers and good freelancers are lost in the crowd? In fact, scammers force us to switch our profiles private to avoid being plagiarized! Just how it happened to the OP, the client received proposals with identical portfolios, therefore the client didn't know which one to choose. This is terrible. Obviously clients will opt for a place with honest people. Upwork should do something about. If they don't care their company is losing money, not only us.