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Freelancer Plus Benefits?



I have upgraded to Freelancer plus hoping to get some benefits and insights on the Bid and other details of the project. However, I can't see anything about competitors' bids on the proposals submitted. Not sure if its a problem with my account or if there is no such feature and I am expecting something else.


Can anyone help me understand correctly with some screenshot if possible the benefits of the Freelancer plus?

I have already gone through the helpsite articles and not helpful to me.


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Hi Kamlesh,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I shared your report with our team and one of our agents will reach out to you via a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your support tickets here.


Generally, when there are only less than (or equal to) five proposals for this job post. It is very likely that there are not enough proposals to base the bid range on. Once the number of proposals increases, the bid range should be displayed.

~ AJ
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You can't see other people's proposals, that would be a colossal  breach of privacy. Upwork does not promise that you can. 

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The main benefit of freelancer plus is that it's easy to cancel.

I tried it once and found it useless.

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I tried it once and canceled it the following month! 


When they say you'll gain bid insights that do not mean you'll get to see each person's bid. What actually happens is when you have an Upwork Plus and scroll down on any job page you'll see the bid range Low-Mid-High, in most cases this information will be useless, as in almost all cases the range will be very broad, and wide can't make an informed decision. 


Even if you'd like to go with the mid range, or low or high you'll have to wait for enough proposals to be sent on that job for the info to be reliables, id say atleast 20+ proposals. If you are early on the job less then 5 or under 10 proposal that range will changes very quickly as more proposals are sent for the job....



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