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Freelancer Plus I cancelled it

I wasn't getting traction on this $14.99 fee per month. Seeing other bids does nothing as I don't lower my rates to get business to compete with $10 hour jobs. I couldn't see who viewed me like LinkedIn. Too many fake jobs I was applying for looked legit and seemed not to be. Any thoughts here about it? While I thought it was  a way to get better visibility- the stats proved that wrong.


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It's ok if you won't apply to jobs anymore. I have it as price of connects similar with bundled 80.

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I don't think you will miss Freelancer Plus. Most freelancers I talk to reached a similar conclusion because they didn't find much value in it.

Clark You're right, I think so. Freelancer Plus doesn't make much of an impact.

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I am close to canceling Freelancer Plus as well. It doesn't seem to provide any value, especially since Upwork has increased the amount of connects used to bid on jobs but did not increase the amount of Connects Freelancer Plus provides. 

You are absolutely right.

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I've never understood the perceived value of plus. I've been on the site for about six years and have never upgraded. Ironically, I'm considering it for the first time now just because it's simpler than buying connects as needed. 

Yeah, I upgraded recently for the same reason -- I was going to buy connects anyway. Other than seeing the actual value of lowball bids that I suspected were there anyway (which is either irrelevent or depressing, depending on who's actually making the bids) it doesn't seem to matter much.


Obviously I would like to know more about the supposedly-US-based-contractors bidding $50 on something that's going to take 20 hours of work but I get why that's not really an option 🙂


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