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Freelancer Plus payment for the Membership plan and the refund system problem

Hello. I have a question regarding the Freelancer Plus payment for the Membership plan and the refund system. Let's imagine a hypothetical situation where I earned $1,000 from a contract, but when the contract is closed, the client gives me a score (3 star instead of 5 for example) I don't want to accept. I make him a refund, and this is where the story ends BUT:

1) Upwork automatically sends money to my account (the maximum is once a quarter). Initially, I did not want to withdraw money because I was unsure of the client and that he would give me a good mark. I deliberately did not withdraw these funds for a month (hourly contract). And so it turns out that in the middle of the month (for example) automatically withdraw my funds. It turns out that I can not make a refund? Then how can I be in such a situation? Can I deposit my bank account to a freelance account to top it up to the required amount? If yes, how does this process take place?

2) As I understand from the message, if you have funds on Upwork, then payment for Freelancer Plus is charged first from these funds, and if they are not enough for payment, then it is deducted from the Payment Method that you specified. And again, it turns out to be an identical situation. I made $1,000, they charged me $15, and now I don't have enough of my $985 to make a refund. How to be in such a situation? Can I set the option to always pay with my Payment method and not charge from Upwork?

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1. You need to have a credit card on file for the plus plan, you can't pay that from your funds. 

2. You really really should not be so pessimistic about the outcome of your jobs. Why should you ever refund a client if you did great work? It should not even enter your mind. Plus it's not the JSS saving tool you think it it, because bad private feedback sticks. 

Hello. Thanks for the answer, but I think I either poorly explained or you misunderstood me. I want to make a refund to my client, but I have zero funds on my upwork balance. Can I refund using my bank account or credit card?

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I agreed with Martina that you need credit card attched with your payment method. 

If you want to refund you need to deposit 895$ amount in your credit card and then refund the amount to your cliet with your payment methd attched. If you did work well so no need to refund that 3 star will effect you a litle bit in rating. Take it like that you want to refund 895$ just keep it with you and give your next clients better work on reasonable price and then they will absooutely give you good feedback and after 3 to 4 5star feedback that 3star feedback effests disolved.

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