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Freelancer Refund (Amount paid back to client)

Hi, recently I completed a project successfully and the client too released the payment. But while the payment was under process I was surprised to see the notification that the whole amount had been refunded to the client (Freelancer Refund).


I asked the client, he said he had some issues with his payment method and he has to remove that payment method as Upwork wasn't able to charge the amount from his method. Now he's trying with another payment method but still getting an error. 


Once this happened, the client's public review also got hidden from my profile (still showing in my contract details).


Now the question is, if the client resolves his payment method problem, will he be able to pay me back the amount that was refunded by Upwork? Asking this because the project is closed now. If yes, how the client can pay me back now against the closed project?



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Client can use Add bonus option then.

Thanks Mykola, this sounds like a solution!

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Hello Taimoor,

I understand that this can be a frustrating situation. Stay positive and continue to communicate with the client to resolve this issue.

Obey Diop 

Best regards 

Thanks Obey!

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I am having this same issue. My client was suspended from UpWork for a little while. His account is back active and he messaged me 1 time. No payment. I hope your problem gets fixed soon. 

Thanks Lindsie!

I forgot to say they told me to ask for a bonus payment. I cant initate it. So I have to just keep asking him for it. 

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