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Freelancer can't update/improve a proposal



While I was writing my proposal to convince the client, to show my skills, and sending samples, the client changed conditions. First offered $400, and some minutes after that he changed to $300.

In the meantime, I sent my proposal. Even, when I'm sure that my offer is fair, it is really not honest to change conditions in the meantime. I can't change / improve my proposal.

The same happens if a client declines my proposal because he considers that the bid is high.

If the client can change the offer after posting it, why can't I change my proposal after sending it? 


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You can change the amount of your proposal without withdrawing it.

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Go to the job post again, and you'll see an option to change terms or withdraw proposal. You can only update the proposed amount and not the cover letter.

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The one thing you can change about your proposal is the amount.

But, why would you want to do a $400 job for $300? 

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Thank you. No, I don't want to change the price. In fact, I think that $400 is a low bid for the task they ask. I wanted to make changes in the proposal, answering to the lower price they offer now.  

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