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This is my very first post in upwork community so please excuse if I violate any community guideline. Lately, I am concerned over an issue I am facing with 2-3 job posts so I need your guidance and advice on the same. 


Sometimes it is an invitation to a job post or sometimes its me applying for a job that has some budget mentioned in the description and I found myself both comfortable with the price and task I applied. Now clients started chatting over the upwork and they keep me asking to quote a price that I already had in my cover letter. Now they offer a straight half amount of the actual amount they mentioned in the job description. They keep telling that there are lots more work so the price should be less. What should I do? How do I deal with this situation? I usually don't continue the conversation. But I need to know how to deal with them. 


Please advice guys

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Its ok. Many clients want it for free. Just reject and move forwad. Yep, your connects is lost but you not must to waste your time.

This is a great advice.

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Why would you ask here for advice? This is totally your decision whether to accept these half-priced jobs or not. As for me - I would never accept it.


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