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Freelancer income and expenses for filing taxes



I need my income, and expenses information to file my taxes. How can I get that information?


BTW, in the "get help" section it asks you if the info provided answered your question and it only gives you the word "yes" to click. No "no" for when it didn't help. 


Thank You!

Jenny Stanley

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Use the transaction history report, select the date range you want, and export it to CSV. You can load that into Excel or Google Sheets to get all the information you need.

Thank you but it only goes back to November 2020.
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Under reports, go to your transaction history. You can set the date range to the tax year and export a report that shows earnings, Upwork fees and withdrawal fees.

Ohhhhh, I see it now. Isn't there a way to get the totals for the year
instead of me having to go month by month and add it all up?
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A hard lesson many of us learn in our first year. 🙂

For 2021, keep track of your earnings as you go using a spreadsheet or an accounting app. I have a column for each gig noting the month's earnings and expenses. This will also help you start to track which types of jobs (and which clients) are most lucrative. 


I recommend tracking your other freelance-related expenses too. But, I admit that I often overlook this step and spend the week before tax time pouring over credit card statements instead. 

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