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Freelancer income withdrawn to a personal company bank account



I'm working as a FL at Upwork and I'm registered as such in my home country. I'm registering my own ltd soon, where I will be the sole owner and the only employee. Is it ok if I continue working as a FL in Upwork, but the payment withdrawals to go to my ltd's bank account? For example, is it enough to change my legal business name (in my FL account) to be the name of my ltd and to change my payment method to withdraw funds to my ltd's bank account?




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I have a similar question. Can anyone please answer this questions for us?


Hi Kehinde,




Yes, you can use your company account to withdraw your earnings since it's in your name


In general, your verified name must match the name on any bank accounts or payment methods you intend to use, including any middle names, family names, or special characters. You must be listed as an account holder or authorized signer on the chosen account, or be able to demonstrate that you are authorized by the business to do so.


You may check this help article for more information.


As a freelancer, you must use your real name as clients in order to represent yourself authentically to clients. If you wish to add your business as an agency on Upwork, you may create an agency profile. That way, you can download invoices named after your agency for whatever purpose it may serve. Kindly check this help article for more information.


However, if you will not be changing your name anymore and just want to use your company bank account, as long as you're listed as an authorized user on the account, you should be able to add it as a payment method and receive funds on it.

~ AJ

I am planning to register a LTD company and then have my personal freelance earning withdrawn to the company's account. The company name carries my first and last name and then a qualifier world with it. Will upwork allow me to do this?

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