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Freelancer is stealing people's work from other sites!!

I am not a freelancer on upwork, I only made this profile to expose a thief.

I got a message 2 days ago on Instagram from a stranger, and another message on my email from another stranger, both claiming that **Edited for Community Guidelines** has stolen my work and put it in "her portfolio". I got a screenshot and a drive link to her portfolio, and not only has she stolen from me, she has also stolen work from other designers!!


These are the projects and designers she has stolen from:


**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Here is the link to the drive, so you can see for yourselves

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


There are 2 other projects in that drive that I couldn't find the real owners of, but I hope that everyone takes this seriously.
She is in the top % and she has blatantly stolen other people's work.


I already flagged her with a similar message to this, but I'm not sure Upwork will do anything about it, so the least I could do is post a message here and hopefully Upwork might take action. I'd also be super grateful if you could flag her as well for plaigarism.


Edit: I'm uploading a screenshot of the drive in case she deletes anything from it (date taken: 28.05.2023)


Thank you for your time!


Hi Ma,


Thanks for reaching out through the Community to bring this to our attention. I'm afraid that I had to edit some of the information out of your post, as public accusations of wrongdoing are against the Community Guidelines. That said, I've forwarded your report to the relevant team so they can conduct an investigation and take action according to our processes


Also, please check this article for more information on how to use the flag option to report any inappropriate content.
~ Luiggi
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Hi Luiggi,


Thank you for your response! As I said, I already flagged her as "profile looks fake or contains stolen/plagiarized content". 

I look forward to Upwork resolving this issue.

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