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Freelancer - "RFI/21" form and "Certificate of Fiscal Residency" from UpWork - Upwork Help


As already have been posted a few times here on the forum, as i live in Europe i need the "RFI/21 form" and the "Certificate of Fiscal Residency", to not get double taxed here. I already have asked for help via customer support but it has been almost a week by now, and after providing the agent with the documents needed I'm still waiting for a reply. Have messaged (on the same support call) 2 times again on 2 different days and still no answer or Update. I would like to know if there is any other way i can obtain those forms as we are approaching very quickly the end of the month and if i don't provide those ill have to pay taxes on top of the fees i paid to upwork.  


Thank you


Hi José Luiz,


I took a closer look at your account and can confirm that your case has been forwarded to the appropriate team for further review. As also mentioned by one of the team members, they'll surely keep you posted whenever they have updates on the issue. Feel free to check this page or your email for updates.


~ Arjay
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