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Freelancer's account suspended



I had a sound designer freelancer that I vetted join Upwork and start building his career, with my help. I run a Top Rated Agency and I'm in need of sound designers as my business expands.


However, without explanation, his account was blocked. I did my best to give him pointers in terms of Upwork rules, proper proposal writing and I was just about to land him his first gig. We even went to a photo studio to get him his first professional account avatar. One thing that comes to mind as a possible reason for this was that he used private YT videos to showcase his sound redesign of game sounds - Could this be the reason? And if yes, would an alternative way of showcasing his work somehow get him a chance of reopening his profile and continuing work through Upwork?


I posted this in the "Freelancers" section, as he was not yet a part of my team, but I'm writing this from an Agency perspective. Here's his profile link:**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Any feedback or help would be largely appreciated, as I'd like to avoid such situations in the future.

Thanks in advance!

Ivan V.

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Retired Team Member

Hi Ivan,


Unfortunately, I can't share details for another user with you. Your team member can refer to the information shared with them on their ticket. Thank you.

~ Goran
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