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Re: Freelancer trying to find Clients from Elance

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@Marian F wrote:

Hello all,


Since Elance is moving to Upwork, I recently tried to find some clients from Elance that I used to work with on quite a few projects in the past, here on Upwork, but it seems there's no way to search for a particular client by his/her name or former Elance username.


I managed to get on one clients profile page, here on Upwork (I only managed to do so because he reached to me and started a job here) and looked at the page URL but it's not the same as on Elance where you could type the client’s username at the end of and land on his/her profile page, now it's just a bunch of letters and numbers that form a unique URL to a particular client that can't be deciphered.


I'm trying to keep in touch with these clients and check if they transferred their profile, making sure I don't lose contact with them in this transition from one platform to another.



Clients can search for freelancers but not freelancers for clients. Some clients from Elance will not reapear in Upwork because they do not change to Upwork.  

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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I got really lucky and found one of mine doing one of my searches. Lo and behold she posted a job a few hours prior. Pinged her and said "hey! If you liked my work, how about me?" lol It worked out for both of us cuz I helped fix her DNS issues when her site went down last weekend free of charge. Smiley Tongue