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Freelancers are human too!

I am so mad I could spit fire. Is it just me or do any other freelancers feel like clients think they are less than them because they choose to work on their own? I swear there are clients who think we are desperate enough to take whatever they give us and we should be grateful for it. I'm not a freelancer because I'm desperate. I'm not a freelance writer because I can't find anything else. I happen to have a bachelors degree in journalism and over 7 years of professional writing experience. I am not desperate. I just choose to work for myself. It doesn't make me less of a professional nor does it excuse rude clients who think they can offer pittance because we're all just begging for work. I'm not being a snob but I am at the point where I know I'm good enough to tell them to kiss my-- anyway. I want to work and yes, the income is nice but I don't have to deal with ignorant clients. Bah!! I'm posting this frustration here because I am sure I am not the only freelancer sick of the odd misconception about what we do.
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I don't think I am human...I've been feeling quite godly lately. I think maybe I am turning into a demigod...
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This may not help at all but as your hourly rate goes up, the less this happens. At least, that is my experience.

You really want to let off steam about it?...I came across this this morning: (Budget $5)(and his/her other jobs confirmed this level...) "I need someone who can EDIT, CLEAN and PROOFREAD a Ms Word doc and make it presentable! I need fast, accurate and reliable person to do this ASAP. 48 pages I need this back within 4 hours or less. PLEASE Serious transcriber only. This is a long term job for you, Be Professional! This is a Working Place and not a Playground!! " So I applied: "I would love to apply for your job of editing and proofing your 48-page document. if you look at my profile page you will see that I am highly qualified to carry out this work. I presume your budget of $5 is a placeholder, so I'm applying at my normal rate of $10 per 1,000 words, assuming 400 words per page, which comes to $192 Of course, you can pay someone peanuts and get a slightly improved but still badly written and presented document - this is your prerogative. You say you are looking for someone professional. At my rate you get professional. At $5 for 48 pages you get compliant. This is a Working Place and not a Playground!! (or a slave camp)" of course it was instantly declined; but it sure felt good :o)

Nice one! Packs a punch to the client's... ;) @OP: I can totally relate.. only in my case, some clients think that I also offer this other type of 'personal' service that will make any decent woman blush.

Yep, I applied for one like that. Would have really enjoyed that contract as it would have been fun. Yes, 'fun' has a lot to do with the ones i apply for. But as the budget was way too low, I submitted at a price that was relevant to the job. Less than 60 sec, or so it seemed, that it was declined. My only thought "oh well, figures".
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I just recently opened my account. A year ago, I took the test and hired. I able to write 3 blog post of the client and able to delivered it on time, but to my surprise, I was not paid.. So ,I left odesk, find better things to do.

[quote=Maria Rose Jane A.]A year ago, I took the test and hired...I left odesk[/quote] [quote=Maria Rose Jane A.]I just recently opened my account.[/quote] Just curious, which is it? Did you recently open your account? Or did you open it a year ago? Or are these two separate accounts? [quote=Maria Rose Jane A.]I able to write 3 blog post of the client and able to delivered it on time, but to my surprise, I was not paid.[/quote] I have my suspicions about why you were not paid, but I can't see your profile. I hate to judge on a forum post alone, but if that is all I have to go with, I will have to say that you should find jobs that better match your skill set.

Robin, Hi!  Are u able to help me!  I keep getting 'closed jobs' after some weeks or days after I submit for it!  Can u tell me how to go about getting any job here, (or applying).  Would u be able to check that my profile is okay?  I can't seem to get through to any contact on Upwork to check these things out, though I've tried!  Mona

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I came across this job post just recently... "Looking for information researcher at $0.30/hr I am looking for a group of contractors committed to help me with research and assist with personal task. More than 5 contractor required for immediate start. Assignments based work. Skills required but not limited to: -Internet research -Filling up forms -Information collation -Microsoft Excel Sheet -Microsoft word -Rewording of documents -Ammending of documents -Efficient worker -Committed -Honest ( I do check time logs) -Work under stress as work might need to be prioritised -able to start work immediately -Data Entry -Sign a Non disclosure form - Lowest bids wins. - Will need to be able to work full time 50-80 hours a week. Please kindly read the Job title. Will not be able to work with contractors with rates more than $0.50 due to the extent and length of work. Please do not apply if that is not the rates you are looking for. Rates are non negotiable but will be reviewed in one month to keep reliable contractors for long term work. Thanks. Can you give me a commitment to privacy and start jobs at short notices? Please contact me with your answer to the above question in your cover letter. Thanks." --- So at $0.30 for at least 50 hours = $15?? --- "Work under stress as work might need to be prioritised" --- "Will not be able to work with contractors with rates more than $0.50 due to the extent and length of work." What is wrong with these people?! I hope no one applies or will stop applying for these types of posts so clients will respect the value of work. *sigh*

There are at least two threads here that are full of those kinds of jobs. Consider them free entertainment. Nobody says you have to apply for jobs like these.
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