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Freelancers can' read reviews of clients



I think it's unfair that we as freelancers can't access or read reviews left for clients. For example, I received an invitation from a client with 4 starts and he has 35 reviews. It would be great if we could read the reviews and see if they are reasonable before accepting the interview.

In general, Upwork is not giving freelancers enough information about clients. I think it should change.

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You can read them, click to view job post and scroll down

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The reviews for every client are at the bottom of the job post.  If you submitted a proposal to get the interview, you should have read the reviews at the bottom of the job post before sending the proposal.  At the bottom of the job post, there's a whole 'history' of everybody the client ever hired, the reviews that were left by freelancers, and, in most cases, what they were paid.  You really should take time to READ it before submitting proposals because it can help weed-out bad clients with terrible attitudes and unreasonable expectations, 'cheap skates', unresponsive clients, and clients that refuse to pay for work in a timely fashion.  You can also click the profiles of the freelancers that were hired (in most cases), to see how established/reputable the freelancer is.  If you see mutiple negative reviews (3 stars or less) left for a client by reputable/veteran freelancers, that is a huge red flag and you likely have a client that is going to be a nightmare, regardless of the 'total' number of stars on their profile.  Personally, if I see multiple 'top rated' or 'expert vetted' freelancers leaving negative reviews for a client, I skip over that job out quickly


The only time that I know of that a freelancer can't acccess those reviews, is when clients send one of those 'direct messages' or 'enterprise messages' which pop-up without you submitting a proposal to anything:  On those messages, it just shows the number of 'stars', money spent, and a few other vague details (which are pretty useless) with no way to access the client's profile and see the full reviews.

Hi CJA, thank you for the detailed information. I didn't know that I can review it only on the job post page. I was checking for it on the proposal page, but now thanks to you I know! 🙂 


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Upwork should give freelancers more information about clients' history on Upwork - chargebacks, cancelled projects, mediations, arbitrations, etc. I'd be happy for clients to see the same information about me.

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