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Freelancers with the exact same overview

So I just applied for a job and noticed that three of the other applicants (who happened to be from the same country) had the EXACT same overview on their profile page.  Is this common here on oDesk and, if so, are there any policies that expressly prohibit it?  I guess I shouldn't be too concerned by this unethical practice as I'm certain that if i noticed it, the client did as well.  I'm just curious I suppose.


Yeah... So sometimes non-English speaking people from other countries work together and copy each other's work. We know that. Clients know that.


You said you "shouldn't be too concerned by this."


You're right.


Maybe oDesk should be concerned. Maybe not. I don't know.


Maybe it makes people from that country look bad. Maybe not. Ultimately I'm not sure this has much to do with you and me.


Steve, I don't want to sound harsh, but if you're a creative content writer (as your profile indicates) and you feel like you're in direct competition with people who copy and paste their profiles, then you're "doing oDesk" wrong.


Those people are NOT your competition! And you probably shouldn't be working for any client who would be inept enough to hire somebody like that as a content writer.



No, that wasn't too harsh at all and I thank you for the advice.  However, since I am relatively new to oDesk, I feel it's necessary to build my reputation by applying for these types of jobs to do just that.


As for the copy and pasting of profiles, I guess I was just a bit shocked to see three of the same for one application and how blatant and brazen it was.



CAUTION! Although I built my reputation starting with a fixed price job for $1, that was year's ago when most clients on oDesk where professional. These days, working for the wrong client can get your reputation trashed by bad ratings regardless of how good your work is.

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Ron aka LanWanMan

There are profile thieves. One day I had the surprise to see my own profile on a job I was applying to. One freelancer just copy/pasted my profile. 


I reported her and she had to change her profile very quick. She was lucky because on Elance she would have her account suspended.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless

Profile thieves!


Wow, thanks for sharing that story. Definitely sheds some light on things.


It's hard to even wrap my head around this. I was naive to have not even imagined somebody doing something like that.


I mean... All morality and decency aside, just think of the practical considerations...


If you steal somebody else's profile, presumably because you don't even read or write English enough to write your own, your probably don't even understand what you're posting. How can you possibly deliver what a client might expect?

I have had my profile stolen at least two times, one time here and another time on Elance. It's a English to French translator's profile. I hope that those two who stole it at least can read some English, or they may not be very talented translators 🙂

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless


I've had mine stolen a couple of times. I only noticed when another freelancer applied for the same role as me, and I checked her profile. I then noticed someone else copied it too. I reported them and it was removed.


They didn't even make an attempt to disguise it, they copied my profile and simply deleted my name and replaced it with their own. So annoying.

A tip for finding profiel thieves: search some parts of your profile on Google by using quotes in the Google's search field, like: "I am an excellent freelancer comitted to help you retpaint your house in pink"


Quotes around the sentence are required.


You may have some surprises. 

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless

Gillian and Rene,


Thank you so much for the heads up.  I too had no idea that this type of acivity was going on here at oDesk.  That very well could have been the case with the three identical overviews that I viewed the other day.  Grrrrrrrrrrr...that's my angry face!

Some could care less about deliverables. They are just here for the money. Some could care less about their account being suspended permanently because they just open another account using different information.

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Ron aka LanWanMan