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Arleen R Member Since: Oct 6, 2015
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Hello Freelancers! How's the job hunting?


Some of those who are new in the freelancing world find it hard to get a job. Why?

Is it because of how the profile was built? Well, good thing that the experts are alway kind and helpful to newbies to check on their profile and give out advices.

Or is it because clients are looking for those who have numbers to make sure that the freelancer will do a good job?


I found a post here from a client about a freelancer that they hired but left the work unfinnished.  Advices from the Community Gurus and experts came in and some recommended to go with the most experienced freelancer next time. 


They're right! Looking into the job success rate, previous client's feedback and the numbers of Job done will assure them that the freelancer will not abandon the task but I felt sad for the newbies and to anyone who will discover Freelancing.  What if all clients will consider experienced freelancer than those who are new to this kind of industry? 


Freelancers, once opportunity come in, take it seriously and make sure you do your 101% commitment to the job. Expect challenges and communicate well with your client for any hard time or any issue that may come up. This is not only for ourselves but also for the freelancing world. Let's satisfy our clients with our work so they will trust Freelancing and won't hesitate to hire a beginner. Yes, our priority is to earn for a living but let's not forget that our action may have a domino effect.



If the client gave you an opportunity to work with them despite of having 0 hours on your profile, do well on the job and appreciate the trust that he or she gave you. 


If you would like to check on the post that I was refering to, here's the link:


I hope that this client will still continue to trust Freelancing. 


Have a good day everyone and thanks for reading through. 

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Tabinda H Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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 Dear Upwork Gurus,


      Folks like myself who are affiliated with UPwork(formerly Odesk) used to do well when JSS was not introduced. It seems that this practice has been introduced to kick out the NON-NATIVES like myself from UPWork. The mysterious manner of decreasing the JSS is incomprehensible to me. I apologize if something written by me hurts anybody's feelings but I wanted to communicate what I felt.


                                      Tabinda Habib

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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I put in 80% and the other 20% is focused on my wit and charm.

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Tabinda H Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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 Probably you are right. I am deficient in wit as well as charm