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French VAT number

Hi upwork community !


I have registered today. I would have like to set my VAT number, but it has been refused. It seems that the french format does not match. As instance, my number is : FROL---------.

Could you please help me to fill the VAT field ?

Community Member

Hélène how are you declared in France? If you are a micro entreprise/autoentrepreneur (VAT exempt) you have to apply for a VAT number.

Hi Nichola.


I already have a VAT number. My problem is : when I type it in the requested field, it is refused. I suppose it is because of the format ???

Hélène, I can't help you. I am obviously on a different system from you  - I just know that my siret number is not a VAT number and is not accepted on Upwork.


Edited to add: Perhaps I can help you. You seem to have registered as a client - is this what you want? If not, you must go to your "settings" and register as a freelancer (on the same account, don't open a new account).

Client ? So strange. At the present time, I am filling my profile as a freelancer.

Where do you see I am a client ?



You selected to create a freelancer profile on Upwork. If you are planning to hire freelancers, you will be able to add a Client-Company in your Settings later as described in this help article. Once you create a client-company, you will also be able to add VAT for your client account in Settings> My Info.

~ Valeria
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Helene,


Please, make sure to validate your VAT number on VIES site and enter it on Upwork in the same format. You can find more information about entering your VAT number here.

~ Valeria

Valeria, it is not quite so simple. It really does depend on how the  OP is declared (in France).


And also, if the OP is a client or a freelancer - two completely different criteria vis à vis tax (in France).

Hélène, I apologize - I see your profile now. Is your VAT number still being refused?

Thanks for your help Valeria and Nichola.

Unfortunately, it still does not work. I have forced the memorization of ty number and it will be checked by the Upwork team. The french numbers always begins with FR and when I only begin to type, even the first letter is refused.


Well, my first request has been refused by Upwork, probably because of au error in typing.

I have set a new request, changing an "0" letter in an "0" figure. I hope it will work this time.


By the way, is there a possibility to communicate directly by mail with the Upwork team ? I haven't found this option yet...



We'll have someone reach out to you directly and assist you with your issue.

~ Valeria

Thank you Valeria Smiley Happy

Hi everyone,


I seem to have the exact same problem (as a freelance, not autoentrepreneur). Can anyone help me... ?


kind regards to the community and the team,



Hi Julien,

Please make sure that you submit a number that can be verified by the VIES database. Let us know if it verifies there but still doesn't on Upwork. Thanks.

~ Vladimir
Community Member



My number is approved by VIES, I am 100% sure that it is a valid number.

It is in FR + 11 digit format. But every time I input it into Upwork, it is deemed "invalid" I tried with and without the FR, with and without a space between the FR and the digits... I just don't know what to do anymore. Have emailed Upwork about it.


The billing cycle is in 4 days and I don't want to be charged VAT that I don't owe! Help please!

Hi Lily,


Our team will assist you further with your VAT on your ticket, thank you.

~ Goran



I'm having the same problem. I'm an autoentrepreneur in France and have recently asked for, and received, a VAT number that is valid according to the VIES website. I've tried multiple formats, but it is never approved by Upwork. What can I do?

Community Member

Hi Milena,


It finally worked for me it just takes a bit of patience.


You have to contact your local SIE center, ask for your VAT number by giving them your SIREN number.


They gave me mine and then you have to regularly check up on its validity at this link:


It should work after a few days or a few weeks 🙂 

Good luck!

Hi Milena,


It looks like you reached out to our customer support team already and they responded to your ticket to provide further assistance. Please refer to the ticket and feel free to post any questions you may have so the agent can assist you directly. Thank you!

~ Joanne
Community Member

I got the same trouble with my VAT number. I submitted it 3-4 times, Upwork still refused. My number is verified by VIES already. Please help me to check.

Many thanks

Hi Tra My,


One of our team members will reach out to you via ticket as soon as possible and will assist you further with your VAT number. Thank you.

~ Goran
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