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Friend's account suspended | Unable to access support page as well

Hello Upwork ,


I recently introduced Upwork platform to my friend . Recently, his account got suspended and  he doesn't get any email for this issue . He have made a videocall and send ID verification and he has got verified . But after one month he get suspended .

He has refund a client but after that he log in Upwork and see the message.He had been reported from the client maybe ,I don't know exactly 

He tried to contact Upwork support but that page keeps redirecting her to the home page.

Please can you create a ticket for him and help him reinstead his account .

He can provide any document and certificate of his school and profesion too .


(Attached is the sample of his account that shows financial transactions)


All the best


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Qendrim,


We cannot discuss anything about the suspension of your friend's account here in the community or with another individual for privacy reasons, which we hope you understand. 

Please, check out this help article for more information about the most common reasons for freelancer account holds.

~ Bojan

Hello ,
Thank you for your response .
But he doesn't recieve any email from upwork for any of those common reason that cause suspecion.
Is there any option that he can contact upwork .
He can't access costumer support .
Please help him .
All the best
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