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Frustrated by clients lack of communication

Since December, I started a couple of new contracts with clients. 3 of them, in a row, have all ghosted me, and I am feeling a bit frustarated. Anyone else deal with this? 


Each client situation is a bit different: 

Client #1 - Hired me for 10-15 hours a week. We chatted once, and offered her a suggestion, and then she has since then stopped responding to any correspondence. 


Client #2 - Did what she asked, and got no feedback, and no responses from my multiple contacts that I made asking if she liked what I did, etc. 


Client #3 -  Said she was really busy, and would be in touch after a certain date, it's been 2 weeks past that date, and she has yet to communicate at all. 


I completely understand these people are busy individuals. I do not message them daily to get a response. It's usually a week or more to "check in" for some sort of communication/direction/feedback, so I think that my time is fair. However, having 3 in a row as I mentioned is frustarating. Do other people see this often? I do VA work so unless otherwise mentioned, I always expect they will provide me with consistent work, especially, in the beginning of the contract. Any experiences shared would be appreciated! 


Hi Ashley,

I'm a graphic designer, and I have 6 clients from January - February, the situations are like this, 

3 of them contacted and we discussed a lot about their project, I gave them suggestions and brief about the job, and said they come back with details, but not yet 🤣

1 didn't reply after a chat, another one is giving delayed replies, and the last one is giving quick responses. 


5 out of 6 are sure jobs, but only 2 jobs got contacted.

so and I'm trying to find new jobs as I'm not sure of their returning.