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Frustration of clients and freelancers

Hello, how are you all!!


After reading the forum I came to a conclusion, apparently I'm not the only one who has problems and they are all the fault of scammers and dishonest people.


But my question is "What is Upwork doing to keep us safe?" Well, nothing, and the new self-employed are the most affected, why? The fact that we are someone who is just starting out on the platform closes the doors to us and not to mention the fake profiles and their cloning, so it will not be known if it is real or not.

I can tell anyone that everything on my profile is mine, it took a lot of work to do it and I would say it line by line if it were possible.


I haven't been able to take off on the platform for more than a month because people don't trust me because they don't even know if the profile is fake or not and they throw away my work, and the same as with clients. I'm even afraid to apply for a job and on top of that I don't even want to post my certificates on my profile.


So it's not fair that the new ones have to pay for the bad things of others.

Upwork needs to pay attention to this situation because the platform is becoming insecure.

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