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Full Time On Upwork!

Greeting Upwork Community,

I am here to ask for some advice and experience that you have.


I have been on Upwork for almost 3 years now and I believe I have done well. I just graduated and I am thinking of going Full-Time on Upwork instead of getting a normal 9-5 job.  The only way to achieve that in my point of view is by winning a lot of long-term clients. I am facing a problem in winning enough jobs for going full-time. 


I am now Top-Rated Plus with 100% JSS and I have spent a lot of time improving my profile. I would like you to visit my Upwork Profile and give me any feedback that you have.


Second, quality high-paying jobs are few. Getting a long-term client with all these fake jobs and competition is difficult. I usually work with 1 long-term client and have some jobs on the side ( I used to work 10-15 hours a week). How do you suggest I can get more long-term clients to go Full-Time? 


Applying for jobs takes time and sometimes isn't effective if the clients are not long-term. Any suggestions about balancing new applications and actual work are also appreciated.


That's it. I think you might help me form a decision about my whole career. Thanks in advance for your help!



Zyad Mansour



Community Member

PLEASE don't allow yourself to be influenced by anything anybody tells you here. Nobody can make that decision for you, and random musings don't help you. 

Re your profile: a little too gimmicky for my taste, lose the emojis. You are not among the top rated 1% world wide, how can you say that. Don't use that kind of language. If you want to attract more long-term clients, present more seriously/professionally. 

Thanks for your help, Martina!

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