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Funded milestone, finished work, then payment method changed to not verified - what are my chances?

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Dear community,


seven days ago I finished a job, sent the work and asked for approval. Now when I check the contract, it says: Milestone funded / Payment unverified. 


How is this even possible while I never start working if the payment method is not verified (with the small blue sign)? Verified payments is one of my search criterias for possible clients, I don't even get to see any other jobs than those.


And what happens now? It is a lot of genuine work I did, the payment is supposed to be over 1000 US Dollars. I can see that two more freelancers were hired for the same project, but have no way to contact them.


Thank you for some advice, I am really worried.


Community Guru

If the payment does indeed say unverified, and the escrow is not truly funded there will be nothing you can do.  Does the client have a good history.  If so this may just be an oversight on the client's part. Maybe he/she had a verified payment and the cc expired. I would definitely reach out to the client and you can also get in touch with CS and they can also reach out on your behalf.  

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Watermark the **bleep** out of deliverables until all of the money is actually in your account. The system here offers no protection.

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Verified payment means nothing. Your clients still have to fund escrow and you shouldn't start work (or send anything) until they do.

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I don't know if this client funded escrow or not, but, if they did, it's not truly/technically funded if the account is not verified. When a client's account is verified, that shows that the client does have a legitimate, active account in good standing.


And if escrow wasn't funded, it doesn't matter if the clients account is verified or not, If there's no funds in escrow there's nothing to release to you. At that point it's highly unlikely that the client will pay you.